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My Short Spoiler Free Rogue One Review

I went to the midnight showing of Rogue One last night and although I didn't get in until 3am with a full day of teaching ahead my inner Star Wars geek said I had to go!

As I know most of you haven't seen it I'll keep my review short, sweet and spoiler free.

Overall I really enjoyed it although it's not without flaws. Think a Vietnam war movie in space. Links up well to A New Hope and has some great new characters especially K-2SO and the kick ass Chirrut Imwe.

It was strange to have a Star Wars film without an opening credits crawl and you certainly felt the void left in the music with John Williams scoring. It just didn't have the same gravitas the original trilogy scores had and don't get me started on the CGI. 

Aside from that I liked it, a worthy addition to Star Wars cannon, needs another watch though to get all the references and pick up things I missed. 


Studio Brewdio Goes Live!

So after a few days of me beavering away Studio Brewdio is live and kicking! 

The main aim of the site is to collate all the musical stuff I'm up to without having to go down the social media route as although I think social media is a great tool, as a front end it always seems a bit lazy. So while I'll be using Facebook and Twitter to keep everyone updated, to paraphrase the romans, all roads will lead to so keep checking back here for new things!

The website also keeps people up to date on any live gigs I'm doing and gives me an outlet for my ramblings on gear, guitar playing, teaching and general musical shenanigans. 

Over the Christmas break I'll be putting up lots more content including record of the week, gear demos, links to artists that may have passed you by and lots of audio from the Studio Brewdio vault. 

If you want me to write on a subject, have any questions or want me to demo a certain piece of gear drop me a message and just a reminder that all opinions expressed on my site are completely my own! 

Please let me know what you think or if you spot anything I've mucked up on as there's bound to be something.

Over and out.

P.S. Other than my site going live, the most important thing about today (or technically speaking tomorrow) is Rogue One is out! Spoiler free review tomorrow!