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Great First Gig Of The Year For My Student Rock Bands

Wow! What are great gig last night. All my student bands performed brilliantly. It always amazes me that at that age, some as young as 7, they have so much confidence to get up on stage and perform and makes excited they could have if keep it up. Who needs computer games to waste time on when you have ROCK BANDS!

The Harlequin Room at Portsmouth Guildhall was much better than I expected. The stage looked great and the technical team did an awesome job on sound and lights. Its always good when the venue's tech team where you're playing are on the ball, gives me one less thing to stress about!

I had lots of good feedback from parents and attendees and can't wait for next terms gigs. Fingers crossed the senior band get into the Music For Youth Regional Festival next term as if they do well in that its off to the nationals at the Royal Albert Hall, not that'll be something!