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New Keepers Brew Album Out (With A Smidge Of Yours Truly)


Yay, not only is it sunny and the Easter holidays are upon us but the new Keepers Brew album, "Constellation Automation", is out!

The pseudonym of Greyum May and his merry band of cohorts, KB has served up a slice of psychedelic ear candy to tickle your aural senses whether you're under the influence or not.

I had the pleasure of playing on the track "Playing Cards" so listen out for my riffing and shredding but I also love the albums title track (with guitars from Ed Wynne of Ozric Tentacles fame) and "We Are Whole" with some great guitar from Jake Puntis.

Im really looking forward to playing with Mr G and the rest of the crew later in the year so keep your eyes and ears peeled for any Keepers Brew live dates.

You can go grab the album at for the small fee of £7 or the whole back catalogue for a smidge over a tenner, bargain!