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Year Of The Wolf (Or Should That Be Wulf?)


Where did 2018 go! It flew by in a whirlwind of concerts, sessions, teaching and music adventures of all kinds. I’ve had tons of gigs with Keepers Brew, Paramore Or Less, Dlugokecki and The Mo Woods Band across the length and breadth of the country and have been busy writing and playing on lots of new releases. That’s not to mention all my amazing students achieving awesome musical things this past 12 months.

In gear news I’ve loving my two new axes, my Vigier Surfreter and Excalibur Custom Rock Art and went all ethnic but adding to the world instrument collection and buying a bouzouki while in Greece.


However my best creation of the year has to be my son Beowulf aka Wulf, born on December 20th. With his sisters Wyn and Will I’m expecting an awesome power trio, I’d call them WWW.

2019 is shaping up to absolutely huge. I’ve already got gigs booked in Amsterdam, New York, Czech Republic and across the UK. Also have some tasty masterclasses and clinics lined up so keep posted for those.

There will be new album releases from Keepers Brew and Dlugokecki plus if I can get my arse in gear perhaps a solo/trio release from yours truly.


I’ll be offering HD lessons via Skype in the new year. Come for a chat about the industry, gear, advance your guitar playing or talk about your struggles in music and your mental wellbeing and I’ll distill my wisdom and help you progress in 2019.

Happy new year everyone!