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Frakenhand And The Guitar Show



Well, aren’t I an idiot! While trimming some sticky residue off the back of one of my pedals I slipped and sliced open my hand with a Stanley knife. A trip to hospital and 7 stitches later all is back together again although I’m off guitar for at least a week to give it chance to heal.

Seriously though if I had gone any deeper or the cut been horizontal that could’ve been the end of my guitar playing career. Also I was lucky that the blade was sharp leaving a nice clean straight cut. Fingers crossed everything knits together well and I’ll be back playing in no time!

Also it gives me an awesome name for a solo album/song - “Frakenhand”.


To cure/compound my guitar playing woes I’ll be off to the Guitar Show this coming weekend. Pop by the Vigier/HTD booth and say hi if you’re there and make sure you catch the amazing Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal in action. Ron has been one of my main influences so I cant wait to see him up close on his Doublefoot guitar.