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Euro Adventures, Cavern's And The Return Of The Pirate Guitarist!

I had an excellent time in Belgium and Amsterdam with Keepers Brew. Two very different but equally enjoyable shows in an old church and at the Q-Factory with my fretless brethren. So good to finally some of my fellow fretless devotees and hear their approach to playing this unique instrument.

Live shot from Holy Space, Lokeren, Belgium.

Live shot from Holy Space, Lokeren, Belgium.

Then the following weekend was a trip to Liverpool to play at the home of The Beatles, The Cavern Club. It certainly is something special to play their songs in the venue they are famous for.

Finally the new Dlugokecki single β€œX10” is out now, with yours truly as the pirate guitarist. Watch the video to find out more!

Next up is Anthropos Festival with Keepers Brew, shows with The Mo Woods Band then a mini UK tour with KB before heading back into the studio.