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Hasta La Vista 2016 And Goodbye To My Heroes...

Well what a truly epic year 2016 has been in both the good and the bad. Personally I've started lots of musical journeys in teaching and creating that will continue into 2017 and beyond and have had my horizons expanded on trips to France and Morocco with my loved ones that's shown me that creativity and family can co-exist.

As a whole the year has mirrored a film plot or song lyric in its sheer audacity to surprise, uncover plot twists and throw up things you never thought were possible.

However one thing that has staggered me over the last 12 months is the amount of amazing people from the world of music and the arts we have lost. The list is too long to reprint here but the two that hit me the hardest were the loss of David Bowie and Prince.

From a creative point of view these guys were titans, artists so adept at change, so steeped in musical skill and virtuosity and yet still able to hit a chord with the masses. Bowie's ability to write a clever thought provoking song is unrivalled and Prince's down right groove, intensity and unbelievable skill on many instruments meant that they were both peas in a pod that will long be remembered.

I will continue to listen to both of them for many years to come and pass on their music to anyone wanting to listen to good music. If you're out celebrating the new year tonight please listen to them, I'll start with "1999" and "Let's Dance" as a good double bill.

Bring it on 2017, lets see what you've got...