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News Update From Studio Brewdio Land!

Hello Pop Pickers! Things have been pretty hectic in Studio Brewdio land recently what with the new term's teaching, recording sessions and tour preparation but I'm planning on putting a load of new updates up over the weekend.

I'll be adding not one, not two but three albums of the week, recording some demo's of two new pedals, the awesome Origin Effects Cali76 Compact Deluxe compressor and the Xotic Robotalk 2 envelope filter and writing a piece on using a Fractal AX8 as the heart of a modular pedal board so stay tuned!

Also in other exciting news Paramore Or Less tour rehearsals start tomorrow after spending the last week preparing our backing and click tracks for the big stages and I've recorded my parts for the latest Keepers Brew release that should be out very soon.