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First PoL Gig Of The Year and Getting Older...

Morning Music Maestro's! Today I'm off to sunny Rotherham for the first Paramore Or Less gig of the year in preparation for our O2 tour in a couple of months.

We're stepping things up a notch this year so have been frantically beavering away getting backing tracks sorted, click tracks sync'd, sounds finalised and dance moves choreographed ready for all our upcoming shows so tonight will be the first acid test to see if it all works, fingers crossed!

Finally, I think I'm showing my age. We have a long drive up to northern England and then a full hour and a half set to do and we don't go on stage until midnight!

10 years ago I would be as fit as a flea, bouncing off the walls and eager to get started. Now the past few years of being a Dad and work means I've gotten used to being in bed by 10pm to get my beauty sleep and up at 6am for the school run. Seeing midnight tonight will be a novelty and the early hours a revelation. I'm stocked up on Red Bulls though so BRING IT ON!