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Another Great Gig From My Students And Putting Music Into Perspective.

Doesn't time fly, its been an age since my last post and my music life only gets more hectic from here on in what with the Paramore Or Less UK Tour, Keepers Brew album release and rumblings in the land of Dlugokecki.

First of all though my student rock band knocked it out of the park at last nights Soundsational at Portsmouth Guildhall. I know I've said it before put it is so rewarding helping young adults on their musical journey and doing shows like last night is the favourite part of my job. Our next show is next Wednesday at the Music For Youth regional finals in Southampton where if we do well we'll be off to the national festival in Birmingham so everybody keep your fingers crossed.

On a more sombre note I lost my Nanny last week. While it wasn't a shock as she'd lived an amazingly long and fulfilled life it was still heartbreaking, especially seeing my Grandad loose his wife of 72 years.

I had lots of lovely messages from friends, students and parents but one stood out from the parents of one of my younger rock band students. It simply said "Somethings are more important than music" and while music is my main focus in life, sometimes it just has to take a back seat.