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Euro Adventures, Cavern's And The Return Of The Pirate Guitarist!

I had an excellent time in Belgium and Amsterdam with Keepers Brew. Two very different but equally enjoyable shows in an old church and at the Q-Factory with my fretless brethren. So good to finally some of my fellow fretless devotees and hear their approach to playing this unique instrument.

Live shot from Holy Space, Lokeren, Belgium.

Live shot from Holy Space, Lokeren, Belgium.

Then the following weekend was a trip to Liverpool to play at the home of The Beatles, The Cavern Club. It certainly is something special to play their songs in the venue they are famous for.

Finally the new Dlugokecki single “X10” is out now, with yours truly as the pirate guitarist. Watch the video to find out more!

Next up is Anthropos Festival with Keepers Brew, shows with The Mo Woods Band then a mini UK tour with KB before heading back into the studio.

Where We're Going We Don't Need Frets...

Here's an article in the dutch version of Guitarist magazine, Gitarist, featuring yours truly. Really looking forward to the Dutch Fretless Guitar Festival - 8th Edition next month.

Here's a link to the article (click here) and for those of you who cant speak dutch it says:

"On Saturday 11 May the festival will be closed by Keepers Brew with the fretless guitarist Stu Brewer. This group is difficult to describe. Call it dark jazz, or perhaps electronic, industrial psychedelic music."

Love the fact that they cant describe us either! Thanks Emiel for doing the interview and if you’re in Amsterdam on May 11th come and see the fretless fun!


Frakenhand And The Guitar Show



Well, aren’t I an idiot! While trimming some sticky residue off the back of one of my pedals I slipped and sliced open my hand with a Stanley knife. A trip to hospital and 7 stitches later all is back together again although I’m off guitar for at least a week to give it chance to heal.

Seriously though if I had gone any deeper or the cut been horizontal that could’ve been the end of my guitar playing career. Also I was lucky that the blade was sharp leaving a nice clean straight cut. Fingers crossed everything knits together well and I’ll be back playing in no time!

Also it gives me an awesome name for a solo album/song - “Frakenhand”.


To cure/compound my guitar playing woes I’ll be off to the Guitar Show this coming weekend. Pop by the Vigier/HTD booth and say hi if you’re there and make sure you catch the amazing Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal in action. Ron has been one of my main influences so I cant wait to see him up close on his Doublefoot guitar.

New Year, New Music And A Gig In Your Living Room


January has only just hit us and there’s already lots of things to look forward to.

Tomorrow (Sunday 13th) Keepers Brew has the first in a series of streaming concerts beamed direct to your homes. If its cold outside, you don’t want to get dressed but crave some live music have a watch in your dressing gown and let me know what you think. It starts at 9pm on the Keepers Brew facebook page so set yourself a reminder.

Also on the 19th, Dlugokecki release their next single “Lightyears” with yours truly on guitar. I managed to squeeze some fretless onto this slice of pop, see if you’re earholes can spot it when it’s released.

To Support the single release we’ll be doing a series of dates in February, starting with a gig at The Stage Door in Southampton on the 1st.

Happy new year and let me know about your musical adventures in 2019!


Year Of The Wolf (Or Should That Be Wulf?)


Where did 2018 go! It flew by in a whirlwind of concerts, sessions, teaching and music adventures of all kinds. I’ve had tons of gigs with Keepers Brew, Paramore Or Less, Dlugokecki and The Mo Woods Band across the length and breadth of the country and have been busy writing and playing on lots of new releases. That’s not to mention all my amazing students achieving awesome musical things this past 12 months.

In gear news I’ve loving my two new axes, my Vigier Surfreter and Excalibur Custom Rock Art and went all ethnic but adding to the world instrument collection and buying a bouzouki while in Greece.


However my best creation of the year has to be my son Beowulf aka Wulf, born on December 20th. With his sisters Wyn and Will I’m expecting an awesome power trio, I’d call them WWW.

2019 is shaping up to absolutely huge. I’ve already got gigs booked in Amsterdam, New York, Czech Republic and across the UK. Also have some tasty masterclasses and clinics lined up so keep posted for those.

There will be new album releases from Keepers Brew and Dlugokecki plus if I can get my arse in gear perhaps a solo/trio release from yours truly.


I’ll be offering HD lessons via Skype in the new year. Come for a chat about the industry, gear, advance your guitar playing or talk about your struggles in music and your mental wellbeing and I’ll distill my wisdom and help you progress in 2019.

Happy new year everyone!

Hello Sunny California!


We're here! After what seems like endless travelling on planes, trains and automobiles and little to no sleep we're up and ready for NAMM to kick off today.

I'll be posting updates and pics throughout the show but send me a message if you want to say hi, I'll be playing on the Vigier stand at 4pm PT (Midnight in the UK) and let me know if there's anything at the show you want me to check out.

Now to find breakfast and lots of Red Bull...

It's almost NAMM time!

I'm very happy to be playing a few Keepers Brew inspired sets at the upcoming NAMM Show in Anaheim next week with the awesome Vigier Guitars Vigier - France on booth 5641.

I'll also be dropping by the amazing pedal people at Fuzzrocious to pick up my custom top secret fuzz pedal!

If you're at the show come by, have a listen and say hi! I'll also film it along with other NAMM news for all you gearheadz and guitar nerds!


From Tatooine Til Dawn...

Have you ever wondered what if the cantina Luke and Obi Wan walked into in Mos Eisley was the bar from From Dusk Til Dawn?

Well you have now...

Thank you everyone for making 2017 such an great year musically.

2018 is already jam packed with musical adventures, gear delights and gigs far and wide! A big thank you must go out to Keepers Brew and Greyum, Ben, Vigier Patrice and all the awesome people at Vigier Guitars and Vigier - France and Ryan and Fuzzrocious Pedals, see you next year!

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from myself and everyone involved with Studio Brewdio, especially Sebastiane and the 2 younglings.

Xmas wouldn't be complete without the most festive of things, Star Wars! Enjoy...

Keepers Brew Kick Off The Festive Season


Had an excellent evening of psychedelic music last night with Keepers Brew, accompanied by Nodens Ictus at the 1865 in Southampton. It was great to finally use my Vigier in battle and the show went really well (apart from my ebow taking a stage dive and severing the cables halfway through!).

Next up in the festive season is Paramore Or Less next Saturday at the Talking Heads followed by my awesome student bands playing in Portsmouth.

Then to cap it all off there's a certain Star Wars film coming out that I could be a little bit excited for!

Happy holidays everyone!


My First Vigier Has Left The Factory...

Just had confirmation from the lovely people at Vigier that my first of three Vigier's has left the factory on its way to me. 

This one is the "normal" one, an Expert Classic Rock. Three single coils for that retro vibe but with none of the headache's you get with your average Strat. I especially love the inclusion of a locking jack plug socket, what a genius idea and locking tuners to make string changes a breeze.

Expert Classic Rock 170092 Anti Tobacco.jpg

I'll do an unboxing and demo video as soon as it arrives but in the meantime I get to look at those pictures sent from Lina at the factory.

Finally I've had my other two Vigier orders confirmed. These are the more "out there" ones and will be ready in about 6 months time. I can't wait!

Expert Classic Rock Anti-Tobacco 170092.jpg

Positive Grid Video Released To The Wild!


I'm happy to announce that I'm working with the awesome people at Positive Grid in doing some video reviews for their gear. I'll also be using them both live, in the studio and giving all the lowdown on how to get the best sound out of their products.

My first video for the Bias Fx software has just been released, take a look below and let me know what you think!


Also stay tuned for my upcoming demo of the Bias Distortion pedal, it's good enough to eat!


New Paramore and The Tour Continues...

What an insanely hectic few weeks! The gigs in London and Liverpool were fantastic in lovely venues with very appreciative crowds. It was also great to spend some time wandering around Liverpool, seeing the sites and soaking in the musical atmosphere along with a heavy dose of vinyl shopping!

Next up this weekend is a big trek playing in Birmingham and Glasgow. Its going to be a long drive but its always fun playing new places. I've never been to Glasgow so it will be nice to check out somewhere new.

While we've been on tour, Paramore have released their new album "After Laughter" and its certainly divided opinion. Straying wildly from their rock pop punk origins to a more 80's synth pop sound it really is a marmite moment. It's personally grown on me since I first heard it and any new album that has tons of chorused guitar on is ok in my book. We debuted the first single from the album, "Hard Times", at the last few gigs, beating the actual group in playing it live. It's had a great reception from the crowd and I'm sure we'll be adding more new ones to the set as soon as we can.

Anyway, I need to pack for the weekends gigging frivolities, see you on the road!

RIP Chris Cornell...

What a sad loss to the music world today and an untimely reminder of fragile mental health in all its shapes and forms and in all walks of life.

I grew up with the music of Soundgarden, covering their music in college bands and in awe of the technicality they brought to the music table at a time when it wasn't cool to be clever in rock composition. Chris's vocals and song writing chops were always out of this world and Superunknown has always been in my top 10 rock albums of all time. Its with great irony that I bought it only last week on vinyl while touring in Liverpool. Needless to say it has received heavy rotation today.

Rest in peace Mr Cornell, you will be sorely missed. Now can somebody please look after Eddie Vedder!


What A Weekend On Tour and I Did Something Rather Stupid!

The tour kicked off properly this past weekend with some great shows in Cardiff and Leamington Spa. Both the crowds and the venues were awesome and we can't wait to play our next leg in London and Liverpool this coming weekend.

We debuted the new Paramore song "Hard Times" a few days after its release, beating the band in playing it live first and with a really good reception from the crowd. The new Paramore album is out in a few weeks and we're off to see them at the Royal Albert Hall in June so we have lots of new songs to learn, its going to be fun!

Finally I did something rather stupid (other than smashing my phone screen). I signed up to do the Brighton Marathon in aid of Great Ormond Street Hospital. For any of you who know me knows how much GOSH means to me so go read my story at the JustGiving page here and donate if you can!